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Now Papi’s Mostly in His Kitchen or Bath
not Bedroom – Thanks to Millo.

Discover the Transformation. Discover Millo Kitchens & Bath

Transforming Ideas into Reality!
Millo Kitchens & Bath: Canadian Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Specialists


Exceptional Rebranding

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Millo Kitchens & Bath, where dreams of exceptional spaces become a reality. At Ecompapi, Papi partnered with Millo Kitchens & Bath to reinvent their brand from the ground up. And the journey was a fusion of creativity, innovation, and a pinch of secret Papi magic! At Ecompapi, Papi and his awe so awesome team had the pleasure of reimagining the Millo brand, from designing a captivating logo that speaks volumes to crafting a brand kit that beautifully captures the essence of their business – Papi made sure that Millo’s branding exudes everything it stands for, quality, innovation, luxury, and elegance. Don’t believe Papi? Go, see it for yourself!

Transforming Ideas into Reality!

Discover the Transformation. Discover Millo Kitchens & Bath.

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